Builders who don’t mention RERA number to face action

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Faced with complaints of builders not following guidelines laid out by the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), State Housing Minister Prakash Mehta on Monday said the government will take action against developers who do not follow the norms laid out by the authority.

The Housing Department has received complaints against a number of developers who are publicising real estate projects, claiming to be certified by RERA. As per the rules, each advertisement from the builder should clearly mention the RERA registration number of the project.

“We have received a number of complaints about advertisements put up by a developer. Even if an advertisement mentions that the project is certified by RERA, we appeal to buyers not trust it if it does not have the registration number,” Mr. Mehta said.

As per the new RERA guidelines, every real estate project has to be registered with the authority, indicating that the developer has followed all prescribed housing regulations. It is also an assurance to buyers that the structure is not unauthorised, and that the developer has acquired the necessary clearance.

“We want people to know that merely mentioning ‘RERA certified’ on an advertisement does not fulfil the necessary criterion. Lack of a registration number means that the buyer stands a chance of getting fooled, and RERA can be implicated wrongly if the case reaches to court,” the minister said.

The Housing Department has asked officials to initiate action against developers who are publicising their projects without registration numbers.

“The authority has identified a number of builders who are not adhering to the legal procedure. Unless they rectify their error, action will be taken against such builders,” Mr. Mehta said.

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